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What’s Your Story, Kid?

July 16, 2013

That’s what the Kids Sports News Network (KSNN) wants to know. Billing itself as the “nation’s first youth sports news agency,” KSNN hopes to become a primary source of news and information about youth sports and the kids who play them.

From KSNN:

Over 60 million children participate in organized youth sports. Each one has a story worth telling. THEIR STORY! As the nation’s first youth sports agency, the Kids Sports News Network (KSNN) is not just interested in their exciting accomplishments on the field, KSNN wants to know about their accomplishments off the field. Where and how did it all begin? Who got you involved? What other talents do you have? What’s your story?


You provide information about your youth athlete. Our newsroom vets the information. Our anchors will report on it, or we may produce a story to be featured on our website, or on your child’s individual sports page, also hosted on our website. Sports pages can be shared with family, friends, co-workers, team mates, your church community, recruiters, anyone you want to share your child’s story with, with all viewers authorized by you as your child’s agent.

KSNN also covers stories related to products, nutrition, abuse, health and safety, coaching, equipment, organizations, news designed specifically for you and your youth athlete.

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