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Parents Providing PEDs to Players

August 14, 2013

A week after a report that the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) is planning to crack down on the use performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) in Florida High Schools sports, the Sun Sentinel is reporting that South Florida parents have been requesting PEDs for their young athletes.

From the Sun Sentinel:

In a four-month investigation, the Sun Sentinel found:

• Physicians from Miami to Vero Beach said parents have requested prescription-only drugs to make their young athletes bigger and stronger even when the children display no medical need for them.

• More than six dozen South Florida high school students or recent graduates interviewed by the newspaper said they used hormones or steroids for strength-building, or knew others who had.

• Some of the young people and three physicians said parents knew of their teens’ drug use or supplied the drugs.

• Several local coaches and trainers said parents told them they were seeking performance-enhancing substances to give their young athletes an edge.

“Parents, they want their sons to be stars,” said James Hay, 20, a former defensive end and 2011 graduate of Jupiter High, who said some of his teammates took human growth hormone and steroids. “Whatever helps… It’s real competitive.”

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