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A Concussion Care FAIL

October 9, 2013

In what the Sports Legacy Institute is calling “this year’s worst example of high school concussion care” a high school wrestler at the Illinois High School State Wrestling was allowed to continue to compete despite showing obvious concussion symptoms.

From SportsLegacy.org:

On February 16, 2013, a high school student-athlete named Cody Minnick, then an undefeated sophomore at Coal City High School (Coal City, IL), competed in the Illinois High School State Wrestling 1A Finals. On a takedown less than 20 seconds into the match, Minnick takes a hard blow to the head, struggles for several seconds to continue, and then gestures to the official to stop the match.

He’s then given blood time while he lies face down on the ground, not moving, for over two minutes. Minnick is surrounded by an extensive team of what appear to be athletic trainers, coaches, and officials. Four minutes after the injury, Minnick is able to stand for a balance assessment. On the first attempt he fails the test, nearly falling over, which is a positive sign for a concussion. However, he is allowed to continue the match against all published medical guidelines and Illinois state law.

Blood time, indeed.

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