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The LA84 Foundation Run4Fun Program introduces Los Angeles County middle school youngsters, ages 10-14, to distance running. The program operates from October to December. It utilizes existing physical education classes and after-school sessions to give students an introduction to running for fun, fitness, and competition. The culminating event is the RUN4FUN FESTIVAL.

The primary goal of Run4Fun is “TLC” – teaching, learning, and competing. The LA84 Foundation provides online training resources for coaches, including a recommended weekly training regimen of introductory running games, activities, and drills, material for school site publicity and promotion and transportation for participating schools to attend the RUN4FUN FESTIVAL. The Festival features individual and team competition and awards – all at no cost to the participating middle school or school district!

During the 10-weeks program, there are three timed competitions in the 3rd, 5th and 7th weeks at 800-meters, 1,000-meters, and 1-mile. These timed-runs serve as training incentives for the students, enable the coaches to measure training progress, and provide the LA84 Foundation with verification of training participation.

2014 Run4Fun Festival
December 13, 2014
Whittier Narrows

The 2014 RUN4FUN FESTIVAL includes:

Run4Fun Contact

Teachers and schools interested in participating in or have questions about 2014 Run4Fun may contact:
Program Officer Pilar Diaz | 323-730-4629

2013 & 2012 Run4Fun Results

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