• Life Ready Through Sport •


The LA84 Foundation will be suspending the October grant cycle and as such not be accepting any grant applications for the remainder of 2016. Any grant applications in process must be completed by February 19, 2016 to be considered for the June 2016 funding cycle.

As the foundation begins its next chapter under new leadership, we will be revising our grant guidelines as part of a five-year strategic planning process currently underway. We expect to release the revised guidelines in the fall of 2016. Under the new guidelines, we anticipate returning to our regular grant cycles to consider grants in January, June and October beginning in 2017.

The Foundation will continue to build upon our legacy as the leading funder of youth sports, education and outreach throughout Southern California. We are looking to reach new heights in our support of youth development through sports. To do so effectively, we are moving to an outcome based framework to better evaluate the impact that our funding has on the youth our grantees support.

Sports have the power to create a lasting positive impact on a child’s life, and we are inspired by all the kids and organizations that embody the values that have encouraged our organization to give back to our communities since the 1984 Olympic Games.

If you have any questions, please contact Grants@la84.org