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Coaching Athletes. A Foundation for Success (PDF)
A manual for coaches of athletes from 6-18 years of age. This book features coaching philosophy, understanding young athletes, teaching sports skills, planning practice sessions, maintaining healthy attitudes towards winning and losing, fun, coaches and parents, team discipline, nutrition, safety, and managing a youth sports program.

Six Chapters, 175 Pages

LA84 Foundation Track & Field Coaching Manual (PDF)
Aimed at the high school track coach, this volume focuses on team administration, training principles, strength training, plyometrics, injury prevention, nutrition, organizing a track meet, rules, and specific tips for coaching each track & field event. Includes a chapter on the use of Performance Enhancing substances with high school athletes.

Seventeen Chapters, 456 Pages

LA84 Foundation Soccer Coaching Manual (PDF)
This manual covers the fundamentals of managing a high school soccer program and provides information on technique, warm ups, drills, game strategy, rules, sportsmanship, soccer injuries, and nutrition. Includes a chapter on the use of Performance Enhancing substances with high school athletes.

Nine Chapters, 256 Pages

Manual de Entrenamiento de Fútbol (PDF)

Nine Chapters, 286 Pages

Fuerzas Basicas: Perfeccionamiento Técnico-Táctico y Organización Futbolística (PDF)

Efrain Flores and Joe Supe, 122 Pages

LA84 Foundation Cross Country Coaching Manual (PDF)
This manual describes how to build a high school cross country program using sound principles and methods for coaching distance running. Information on managing injuries, motivational tips, racing strategy, and guidelines for organizing a cross country meet is included.

Eight Chapters, 264 Pages

LA84 Foundation Volleyball Manual (PDF)
A guide for high school volleyball coaches, this manual covers managing a volleyball program, volleyball skills and fundamentals, teamwork and strategy, training drills, injury prevention and treatment, and healthy nutrition.

Nine Chapters, 214 Pages

LA84 Foundation Basketball Manual (PDF)

Four Chapters, 56 Pages

LA84 Foundation Baseball Manual (PDF)

Eight Chapters, 69 Pages

Water Polo for Players & Teachers of Aquatics (PDF)

Ten Chapters, 148 Pages

選手と指導者のための水球教本 (Water Polo for Players & Teachers of Aquatics)
(PDF, in Japanese)

Ten Chapters, 148 Pages

Polo Acuático Para Los Jugadores Y Maestros De Deportes Acuáticos (PDF, in Spanish)

Diez Capítulos, 148 Páginas

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