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Coaching Education Videos

Steve Chavez’s Coaching Drills and Exercises for Runners©

Coach Steve Chavez’s instructional videos demonstrate drills and exercises useful for training runners at any distance or discipline. Videos include:

  • Introduction & Warming Up: Leg Swings – A, B, C Swings
  • Running Posture: Fire Drills; A & B Walks; A & B Skips; High Knees, Lunges, Finishing Your Warm-Up
  • Strength Plyometric Drills: Step-Ups; Box Jumps; Side Jumps; Switch Jumps; Lateral Jumps
  • Plyometric Speed Drills: High Knees; “Flash” Dance; Bounding; Straight-Leg Bounding; Backward Running; Frog Jumps; 3 Point Stance
  • Medicine Ball Drills & Weighted Squats: Trunk Twist; “Over-Under”; Weighted Squats; Conclusion

Introduction & Warming Up
The “A” Leg Swings
The “B” Leg Swings
The “C” Leg Swings

Running Posture
“Fire Drills”
“A” Walks
“B” Walks
“A” Skips
“B” Skips
High Knees
Finishing Your Warm-Up

Strengthening Plyometric Drills
Box Jumps
Side Jumps
Switch Jumps
Lateral Jumps

Plyometric Speed Drills
High Knees
“Flash” Dance
Straight-Leg Bounding
Backward Running
Frog Jumps
3 Point Stance

Medicine Ball Drills & Weighted Squats
Trunk Twist
Weighted Squats

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